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Check the background of this investment professional on FINRA’s BrokerCheck

why next third?

At Next Third Retirement Coaching, we specialize in working with people who are within 2-4 years of retirement, or those who find themselves suddenly single. Many of our clients came to us because as they started to enter that next season or “next third” of life, they quickly realized they had crucial questions they couldn’t answer on their own such as how will my needs and identity change as I enter this new phase? How will I handle medical costs, plan for social security, or long term care? What do I really want to be able to do with my time, and how do I plan for the legacy I someday want to leave behind?

If any of these questions resonate with you, know that we can answer them for you because retirement coaching and planning is our specialty!

what we do.

At Next Third we first assist you by helping you to pinpoint and articulate your aspirations for retirement, or this next third of your life. We then coach you through discovering and clarifying the opportunities and challenges to address your short and long term goals. We use this information, along with our extensive financial knowledge, to identity resources, create a financial plan, and work to greatly reduce or eliminate any worries you have surrounding entering your next season of life.

what makes us different?

What makes our process different than working with a typical financial planner? This is a question we get often, so we understand the confusion and know that switching financial planners can be an uneasy thing to do. One thing that makes us different is that through our process, we focus on asset management by necessity, but also address additional upcoming transitions you will be responsible for navigating and managing. We remain entirely on your side throughout your entire transition. We meet or communicate with you quarterly to make sure you are comfortable moving to your next stage.

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What you do now is important! The earlier you can start understanding and addressing all of the transitions you and your family will be going through, the more comfortable you will be when you reach that point. We are honored to be your trusted partner as you anticipate and plan for your next (and most exciting) third phase of life!